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Why Choose Origin School?

Functionalities You Will Love


Moral Values and Ethics

We instill strong moral values and ethical principles in our students, fostering integrity, empathy, and compassion.


Life Skills

We equip learners with essential life skills, including emotional management, health awareness, financial literacy, relationship building, and academic performance. Students are taught to excel in public speaking, problem-solving, decision-making, empathy, time and stress management, creative thinking, and expression.



Discipline is the cornerstone of success. Our disciplined approach ensures a conducive learning atmosphere, promoting focus, respect, and responsibility.


Personal Attention

At Origin International School, we recognise that every child is unique and requires individual nurturing. Our well-equipped and experienced faculty provide personal attention to every learner, ensuring their unique needs are met and fostering their overall development.

Elbow Greeting

Hygiene Standards

At Origin International School, hygiene and cleanliness are our top priorities:

Sanitation Facilities: Our school maintains clean restrooms with strict adherence to hygiene protocols, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for students and staff.

Regular Cleaning: We conduct daily maintenance routines to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the premises, keeping everything spotless and inviting.

Waste Management: We are committed to environmentally conscious practices, implementing effective waste management systems to minimize our ecological footprint.

Health Awareness Programs: Through educational initiatives, we empower students with knowledge about personal hygiene and health, fostering a culture of wellness and vitality within our school community.



Our transportation services are designed with safety and convenience as top priorities. Here's how we ensure a smooth experience:

Secure Routes: We have well-defined routes covering various neighbourhood's.

Trained Drivers & Assistance: Our experienced drivers prioritize student safety. A lady assistance for the security of the student.

CCTV Surveillance: Bus equipped with CCTV Camera's to ensure the safety of the students.

Comfortable Buses: Our fleet ensures a comfortable commute.

Real-Time Tracking: With our in-house vehicle tracking system integrated into the CtrlCampus app, parents can track the live location of the student's bus. They receive notifications when the bus is near their home. Additionally, the app provides route details and learner information for added convenience.

Holistic Development

  • Chess: Sharpen your strategic thinking with our chess club. Checkmate! 

  • Field Trips: Learning extends beyond the classroom! Our engaging field trips enhance practical knowledge and hands on learning experiences.

  • Robotics: Explore the exciting world of robotics!

  • Kung Fu: Martial arts enthusiasts can join our Kung Fu classes, where discipline meets physical fitness.

  • Physical Education: Sports and fitness are integral to holistic development. Our students actively participate in regular PE sessions.

  • Dance: Our vibrant dance programs allow students to express themselves and discover their talents. 

  • Music: From classical to contemporary, our music department celebrates harmony.

  • Personality Development: To boost-up self-image and hone communication skills.

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